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Art and Design


Autumn 1

We will design, make and evaluate a fire engine using wheels, axles and chassis.

As a designer:

  • Can I explore how products have been created?
  • Can I talk about how historical events or people have helped shape the technological world today?
  • Can I make simple diagrams to show my designs?
  • Can I create products using levers, wheels and winding mechanisms?
  • Can I cut materials safely using tools provided?
  • Can I evaluate my design or product against the given design criteria?



Autumn 2

As artists we will study the work of Alberto Giacometti. 

We will develop our drawing skills by:

  • Drawing pictures of people running, as though running from the Great Fire.
  • Using lines and dots to create texture in their drawings.


We will explore sculpture by:

  • Looking at the work of Alberto Giacometti and how he portrays people.
  • Experimenting with different everyday materials such as tin foil, wire and paper mâché to create our own figure running from the fire in the style of Giacometti.