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Art & DT

Spring 2/Summer 1 - DT - Textiles and Sewing

In DT, we will be learning how to sew using a range of stich types. We will be creating a Frog plush aimed at children between 3-7. 

Spring 1 - Art - Mayan Masks (Sculpture)

This term we will be designing and making Mayan masks from Modroc. We will examine the history and purpose of Mayan and their uses in Mayan life. We will collate our ideas and draw inspiration from existing artwork. We will use Modroc to create a cast for our mask and we will then paint them. 




Autumn 2 - Design and Technology -  Flood Defences 

Our design brief:

Bewdley Flood Defence Council have determined the River Severn Flood defences are no longer fit for purpose. They have approached Sacred Heart to help design and test different types of flood barriers.

Your job is to analyse existing flood defences, design your own, create your own, test them and then analyse their efficiency.


The flood defences must:

· Be constructed so the design is water tight.

· Limit the amount of water that passes through for at least 1 minute of intense    testing.

I will need to:

· Choose appropriate joining techniques,

· Identify how to strengthen and reinforce flood defences,

· Recognise and choose suitable materials for creating a water tight structure.

What are we testing?

· The durability of the flood defence,

· The practicality of the flood defence,

· The suitability of the flood defence for the town.