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Welcome to Beech Class!


Welcome to Year 5 Beech Class' page.   There are subject folders with information about teaching and learning for the current term.

Celebration of the class' hard work will be shared on here, as well as important dates for your diaries.


Spring Term

This term has seen a move to remote online-learning using our digital platform Google Classroom. 

I am so incredibly proud of how well the children have adapted to learning from home.  They help and support their peers and we enjoy sharing daily sessions sharing our thoughts and ideas.

We celebrate success and encourage each other to be resilient, compassionate and develop a growth mind set and aspire to be the best we can be.

When entering the school website you will be presented with a window showing Google Classroom links for all year groups.

Please click the link next to Beech Class name and this will take you straight to our classroom. If you have any issues with logging on please do not hesitate in calling school.



Google Classroom is the platform we are using for all teaching and learning.  The school website provides a quick link to access Beech' Google Classroom.


Live lessons take place through Google Meet.  Children join by clicking the link on the homepage of Beech' Google Classroom.

Registration at 9:00 each day. I will be live teaching from 9:00 until 3:00 each day.


We are offering a timetable as close to what we would have in school but  are mindful of the amount of screen-time we are using.  Therefore, Wednesday afternoons are screen-free to help us maintain good mental health. 

Please click on the icon below to view some ideas for activities.

Use this opportunity to explore extra-curricular activities, hobbies, physical exercise and time with your families: sharing what you are learning in Year 5.

We love to read in Beech Class.  Here are some of the books we are currently reading.

We will add reviews and recommendations on here throughout the year.