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Books We Have Read

In Year 5, we have a love of reading. So here you will find our current reading book as well as all the books we have read so far this year. 


The Song From Somewhere Else

We read 'The Song from Somewhere Else' as our Guided Reading text. We enjoyed the description of Nick's mom who might be a troll. We also liked how the book talked about what it is like to be bullied and how it affects people.

Toto the Ninja Cat


Toto the Ninja Cat has been our favourite reading book so far! We think Toto is really resilient as even though she is completely blind it does not stop her from doing what she loves - saving the world! 

'She used her ninja skills to defeat the tigers when they were bigger than her and did not give up. We can learn a lot of things from Toto. She stood up for herself and won.'


Land of Roar!


Arthur and his sister used to spend the summers at their grandads house but now they have grown up they haven't spent a summer together for many years. This is the last summer before they go to secondary schools so they need to make the most of the opportunities they have. This story reminds us about the value of family and spending quality time with loved ones. 

'I really enjoyed this book as it reminds me of when I spend time with my grandparents and we play games together.'




Beowulf is a hero and incredibly brave. We read of some this book as part of our English module in Autumn 1 but enjoyed it that much we decided to read the whole thing as part of our class reader. 

'Beowulf is really inspiring as he tries really hard to defeat the monster Grendel. I enjoyed this book as I could imagine what life would be like as a Viking warrior and it helped expand my viking knowledge'. 


Shackleton's Journey


We read Shackleton's Journey as part of our guided reading module for Autumn 2. We really enjoyed learning about a real life experience in Antartica. 

'I found it really interesting to know that people did really go through the challenges they faced in the past especially on long voyages like Shackleton's.'