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British Values

British Values

Values are the beliefs, morals and standards of behaviour that are important in someone’s life.


Individual Liberty

  • I make the right choices
  • I take responsibility for my actions
  • I understand the consequences of my actions
  • I manage risks
  • I know how to exercise my rights and freedoms in an appropriate way


Rule of Law

  • I value and understand the importance of rules and laws
  • I follow school rules and understand why there is a consequence if I don't
  • I understand that everybody is responsible for rules and laws
  • I know rules are there to protect me



  • I know I have a voice and my opinions will be heard
  • I can listen carefully to others
  • I know how to discuss an issue in a calm way and show respect for others even if I disagree
  • My vote counts


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • I know my behaviour, actions and words can affect others
  • I understand and respect that not everyone is the same as me and everyone needs to be treated as an individual 
  • I know that life is not the same for everyone
  • I understand that people's faiths and beliefs are different and I respect that. 

Democracy - Should we be allowed to swim with dolphins? 25.11.21

Mutual Respect - The Munduruku are indigenous people, who live in parts of Brazil. Their life is different from ours but we understand and respect that. 29.11.21