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Children's Mental Health Week



This week in Year 5, we have ben exploring what is meant by 'Mental Health'. We have completed three different tasks over the course of the week. 


Monday 6th February: Mindfulness Yoga

It is a well known fact that Yoga is good for the mind. In Year 5, we took part in a Mindfulness Yoga session to help clear our minds and think about our feelings. Taking time out of our day and reflecting on how the different breathing techniques made us feel was beneficial and helped to relax us for the rest of the day. 



Day 1 - Visualisation!

Day 2 - Breathing!

Day 3 - Affirmation!

Day 4 - Movement! 


Wednesday 8th February: Let's Connect Party

In groups of 5 or 6, we used the chromebooks to research what makes a good party and what equipment we might need e.g. decorations and music. Then, we discussed how we would encourage people to communicate and talk. We created a booklet and presented our ideas to the class.




Friday 10th February - Dress to express! 

Year 5 dressed how they wanted to express themselves today! We had a class discussion about why we are wearing what we are! We all gave various different reasons - Miss Thompson and Mrs Cole even came to school dressed in their pyjamas!! 


People who are important to us...

Using a spiral metaphor, we selected images which represented the important people in our lives. We started with a picture of ourselves in the centre and added images on the rest of the spiral. The people we are connected to closely were the closest to our picture gradually going out to those we occasionally come into contact with.