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Children's Mental Health Week 2022

Children's Mental Health Week 2022

Focus - Growing Together

Marvellous Monday

Today the children were introduced to Mental Health Week with a PowerPoint explaining how without certain things being constant in our life, this can affect our Mental Health. 

The children went on to create an A-Z of coping and aiding a positive Mental Health.


Time to Talk Tuesday

Today the children followed a YouTube tutorial to create supporting balloons. These balloons included the family, friends and surrounding people that the children felt helped them in their times of need.

Worry Monster Wednesday

Today the children read 'Making of Milton', who is a little boy who constantly worries about everything. Based on this, the children made worry monsters to help them when they feel worried.

Theatre Thursday

For Theatre Thursday, the children were given the opportunity to work together to perform a short play, poem, song or dance of their choice. 

Feel Good Friday

To end Mental Health week, we took part in 2 feel good activities. We did peer massage followed by a yoga/meditation activity. These activities help us to feel calm especially when we are faced with certain situations.