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Spring 1


We will be understanding the importance of phrasing questions and learning about how certain data-handling resources are limited in the answers they can provide. We will:

  • understand that the information on pictograms cannot be used to answer more complicated questions.
  • use a range of yes/no questions to separate different items.
  • understand what is meant by a binary tree.
  • design a binary tree to sort pictures of children.
  • understand that questions are limited to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in a binary tree.
  • understand that the user cannot use 2Question to find out answers to more complicated questions.
  • match 2Simple item pictures to names using a binary tree.
  • understand what is meant by a database.
  • use a database to answer simple and more complex search questions.

    Autumn 2


    We will be developing our understanding of coding using Purple Mash. We will:

    • To understand what coding means in computing.
    • To use code to make a computer program.
    • To understand what objects and actions are.
    • To understand what an event is.
    • To use an event to control an object
    • To understand what an algorithm is.
    • To create a computer program that follows an algorithm.
    • To create a program using a given design.
    • To understand the collision detection event.
    • To understand that algorithms follow a sequence.
    • To design an algorithm that follows a timed sequence.
    • To implement the algorithm in 2Code.
    • To understand that different objects have different properties.  
    • To create a program using a given design.
    • To understand the function of buttons in a program.