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Key Knowledge

  • To understand what machine learning is and how it enables computers to make predictions.
  • To know that loops in programming are where you set a certain instruction (or instructions) to be repeated multiple times.
  • To know that abstraction is the removing of unnecessary detail to help solve a problem.


Pupils who are secure will be able to:

  • Decompose a game to predict the algorithms.
  • Give a definition for ‘decomposition’.
  • Write clear and precise algorithms.
  • Create algorithms to solve problems.
  • Use loops in their algorithms to make their code more efficient.
  • Explain what abstraction is.


Key Skills

  • Developing confidence with the keyboard and the basics of touch  typing.
  • Articulating what decomposition is.
  • Decomposing a game to predict the algorithms used to create it.
  • Learning that there are different levels of abstraction.
  • Explaining what an algorithm is.
  • Following an algorithm.
  • Creating a clear and precise algorithm.
  • Learning that programs execute by following precise instructions.
  • Incorporating loops within algorithms.
  • Using logical thinking to explore software, predicting, testing and explaining what it does.
  • Using an algorithm to write a basic computer program.
  • Developing word processing skills, including altering text, copying and pasting and using keyboard shortcuts.


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