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Creative Curriculum

Our topic for this term is... Why do natural disasters take place?

During Spring 1, we are looking at how plate tectonics cause many of the world's natural disasters. 

We are experts on:


- The three main types of plate boundaries, 


- All about Volcanoes,


- All about earthquakes, 


- The four layers of the Earth,


- The ring of fire. 


During our first lesson we created the layers of the Earth!

Look at the models. Can you name them all?


Creative Homework sheet

You will have been given one of these sheets for our new topic this term. This is their POWer project for the term! It contains some activities that you can do with your children so they can learn about natural disasters at home as well in the classroom!


Each task is worth a certain amount of points. Pick one from each box for them to do and hand them once they are complete. This is a really fun and exciting way for the children to be able to learn more about natural disasters around the world as well as in their local area. 


If any resources are needed, please Miss Freeman or Mrs Jenkins know and we will be able to provide something for you. 

Our Inspiration days!