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Creative Curriculum

Why do we remember the Great Fire of London?


Our topic this term focuses on the Great Fire of London. 

As a historian we will:

  • Explain how we find out about the Great Fire of London.

  • Talk about events and people of the Great Fire of London using dates.

  • Place events of the Great Fire on a timeline.

  • Describe what life was like in London before 1666 and compare it to nowadays, talking about he similarities and differences. 

  • Ask and answer questions about the Great fire and use different kinds of information to find out facts.

  • Connect new learning to historical events or people I have previously learnt about.


As a geographer we will:

  • Use simple grid references to find landmarks on a simple map of London.
  • Devise a simple map of London and create a simple key.
  • Use simple compass directions to talk about different locations of London.
  • Use maps and atlases to find the UK and locate the different countries in England.