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Creative Curriculum

For the entire spring term, the children will be learning all about WW2.

By the end of Spring 1, year 6 will be able to explain the reasons behind WW2 and how People's views were manipulated by propaganda. 


They will learn vocabulary such as fascism, democracy, dictator, leader, allies, axis and many more.


At the beginning of every lesson, the children complete a retrieval task to check their understanding and to also build on their learning from the previous lessons.


Spring 1- History

This half term, the children were immersed into their WW2 topic by taking part in our inspiration day.

They learnt all about the different types of shelters and why these were crucial to survival during an air raid. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own gas masks which they later used when we carried out an air raid drill, unexpectedly. 


It was wonderful to see the children take part in this drama activity and they were able to demonstrate their understanding of the safety procedures that were followed in WW2. 


No children were harmed at any point during this air raid. :)

The most fascinating part of the day was being able to look through all of the different artefacts. 


We hope you enjoy looking through out photos.