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Curriculum Vision and Intent

English is the foundation for all learning and human expression. Our core vision is that by the end of Primary School, all our children will become courageous, resilient and world-class communicators through the transformative power of English and ready for the next stage of their education. As a starting point, Reading underpins the essence of our school’s wider curriculum, including the development of language and the love of reading. Words are power; children will be exposed to a world of exciting and informative vocabulary, learning how to understand and use this for themselves.


Through a text-rich and language focussed curriculum, children will explore a range of authors and genres which will not only enable them to think more deeply about their own experiences but also take them beyond their own understanding of the world in order to develop empathy, character and to communicate the experiences of others. Some of the texts children will study include:

  • Tidy by Emily Gravett (Year 1)
  • Beegu by Alexis Deacon (Year 2)
  • The King who Banned the Dark by Emily Haworth-Booth (Year 3)
  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf (Year 4)
  • Fox by Margaret Wild (Year 5)
  • Wonder by RJ Palacio (Year 6)


Through the explicit teaching of the writing process, children will be encouraged to be brave in their selection of language and develop resilience by striving to make each written piece the very best it can be through rigorous proof-reading, editing and effective handwriting and spelling strategies. Children will communicate their reading and writing to each other, to staff and to their community. They will be encouraged to bring their own views, ideas and experiences into each and every conversation they have.


Summary of Key Priorities:

  • Reading for pleasure and information
  • Vocabulary acquisition and application
  • Using language for effect through meaningful and purposeful writing opportunities
  • Develop written with language at the heart of this