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Week 3 - Week beginning 24th January 2022

Watch the sort video - 'The Little Shoemaker'

This weeks activities will be based on this video. 



Draw a story map for the video.

- What are the key points in the video?


Design a shoe to be made by the Shoemaker. 

Use your Fred Fingers to label the features of your shoe.


Use your Labels from yesterday to write sentences to describe your shoe.


Complete the sentences.


My shoe is....

The sole is made from.. 

The upper is made from...

The shoe will be used for...


Create a poster for your shoe and the activity your shoe might be used for. 


The princess will wear the shoe to the ball. 

The Gingerbread Man will wear the trainers when running away from the fox.


Reading comprehension. 

Please read and complete the reading comprehension on 'The elves and the shoemaker' 


Week beginning: 17th January

This week we would like to take a look at the short film- Caterpillar shoes.

Monday- watch the film carefully- can you use your Fred fingers to write each minibeast and what type of shoe they get?


Tuesday - choose one of the minibeasts- draw it and collect words to describe it. 


Wednesday- use the words you collected yesterday to write sentences about the mini beast you chose. 

Thursday - write a Thank you note to the caterpillar for a pair of shoes.

Friday- design a pair of shoes for a minibeast of your choice. 

Week 1 - Reading Comprehension

This week your task is to complete a Reading comprehension task each day.

You can complete this task on a piece of paper.