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During English lessons this term, we will be writing our own narrative story called 'My Christmas Star', based on the 2017 BBC Advertisement The Supporting Act, where the character of Jasmine is practising for her school's talent show.

After that, we will write our own non-chronological report based on a book called 'Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story' by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss.


Year 2's approach to writing is with support from Jane Considine’s methods, taken from her book, “The Write Stuff”. There are 3 zones of writing that we encourage the children to write through: The FANTASTICS, BOOMTASTICS and GRAMMARISTICS. The FANTASTICS help the children focus on how a character is feeling and thinking; how we can use the senses to describe settings. Next come the techniques, which are part of the BOOMTASTICs system. They enable children to showcase their personal voice and writerly style through the techniques they use. And, lastly, there are the tools, GRAMMARISTICS. Children need to be in control of their grammar choices to improve the precision and the impact of their writing.