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- English in Year 2 - 


In our English lessons this term, we are going to be writing a narrative, based on the story The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. This story is about a tiny barn owl called Plop, who doesn't like being a night owl and thinks the dark is nasty! His mother convinces him to find out about the dark, so he can learn to find the positives of night-time. Once he does, he overcomes his fear of the dark and begins to enjoy it!


In our narrative writing, we are going to be focussing on how to use prepositions, adverbs and expanded noun phrases in our writing, alongside many more grammatical and literary features. For this, we are basing our approach on The Write Stuff by Jane Considine to bring clarity to the mechanics of writing. 


After our narrative, we are going to move onto a non-chronological report about hibernation, based on the story Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story by Alex Morss. This story has facts about how different animals hibernate in the winter months, from the perspective of a little boy and their grandma. It also has facts at the back of the book about each animal!


The focus for our non-chronological report is subheadings, rhetorical questions and different sentence types, such as simple and compound sentences.