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English Curriculum Intent and Vision

Sacred Heart Primary English Curriculum Intent and Vision

As a school, we recognise the importance that an engaging, challenging and broad English curriculum has on the development of children of any age, background or disposition. As a result, we have tailored our English curriculum around the needs of our children. By the time they leave us, we want all children to be confident communicators, imaginative writers and enthusiastic readers; we want them to not only succeed, but also have a deep love of reading, writing and an appreciation of language and the effect it can have on each and everyone on of us. To that end, language is at the heart of our English curriculum. From the moment our children join us in the Early Years Foundation Stage, we want them to be surrounded by a whole new world of language. As children progress through the school, we aspire for them to understand and use language in whole host of new ways. Equally, we recognise the importance of support from parents/carers and seek to involve them in their children's English learning journey at every stage in their schooling. We hope that our children's love of English spills into their homes and inspires the adults around them.


English Curriculum Priorities for 2019-20:

- Develop and foster a love of reading in all children across the school

- Ensure that children are receiving a high quality and progressive phonics programme that enables them to access a wide range of texts as they progress through the school

- Inspire our children to confidently write for a range of purposes and audiences