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In Early Years, we designed and made a water filter to help to give the people of Turkana clean water.

We looked at how water is collected in Turkana, and we practised collecting water from our outside area and carrying it ‘home’. The water was too dirty to drink. We thought about how important water is, and all of the different ways we use it everyday.


We then used a range of sieves and colanders to see if we could take some of the dirt out of the water we had collected. The sieve collected some dirt but the water was still dirty. We used water grading strips to compare the colour of the water to its cleanliness.


We then designed our own water filter, using a funnel, a cup and a material which we thought would collect the dirt but still allow the clean water to flow through. We chose paper towel, felt, cloth and net.


We followed our design plan to make our filter, and we tested it to see how well it worked. We evaluated our water filter against the design criteria.


We made a water filter from each material and we compared these together as a class. We concluded that the paper towel water filter was the most effective, as it collected all of the dirt and still allowed the clean water to filter through.


We will pass our findings onto the people of Turkana so that they can begin to use clean water.