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Healthy Mind, Happy Me

Healthy Mind, Happy ME

In PSHE this half term our main focus is on Resilience and Keeping ourselves safe 

 we will be:

  • Understanding and identifying resilience in different situation- promoting self and peer resilience.
  • Understanding change- making choices to keep us safe and this may be linked to resilience and changing of minds.
  • Discussing the importance of staying safe in our home e.g. when using house hold products or taking medicines
  •  Recognise what is meant by a ‘drug’
  •  Be able to identify some drugs common to everyday life and how these can affect peoples health and wellbeing
  •  Identify some of the effects related to different drugs 
  •  Identify some of the risks associated with drugs common to everyday life
  •  Understand that for some people using drugs can become a habit which is difficult to break
  •  Understand how to ask for help or advice




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