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This half term we are going to learn all about the Great Fire of London and why it is so significant.


We will aim to: 

  • Explain how we find out about the Great Fire of London
  • Talk about events and people of the Great Fire of London using dates.
  • Place events of the Great Fire on a timeline
  • Describe what life was like in London before 1666 and compare it to nowadays, talking about what is similar and what is different. 
  • Ask and answer questions about eh Great Fire and use different kinds of information to find out facts. 
  • Connect new learning to historical evens or people we have previously learnt about. 


What did pupils think of this topic?


Here are some comments from previous classes that have completed this topic. Here is what they had to say: 


"I thought it was a very curious and exciting topic and I always had lots of questions to ask. I liked seeing how London was different in the past and how it changed after the fire." Alisha 


"I think it was a great topic. I loved writing about the events that happened and we learnt lots of dates. I liked thinking how I would have changed London after the fire." Giorgos 


"I think it was interesting because there was such a big fire and with no fire fighters it was interesting how they planned to put the fire out. I liked how much London changed because of the fire but it was for the better." Kedaine 


"I liked when we looked at real things from the past [artefacts] and we got to think about what they were used for." Tayo