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Home Reading

- Home Reading -

Children are expected to read once a day, five times a week and have it written in their reading records. This can be written by:

- a parent/carer

- an older sibling

- themselves (if they want to)


Across the school, we are implementing new strategies for reading to help engage children and help them find a pleasure in reading.

It is so important that children read every day, even if it is just for 10 minutes. It doesn’t need to be their school reading books—it can be any source of reading material, such as a book from home, a newspaper or magazine article. Once they have written, children have the opportunity to write in their reading records about:

· The book/pages they have read

· What they enjoyed/disliked about the pages they have read.

· Any predictions on what might happen next in their story.


We understand that it can be hard to read with your children at home, which is why we are trying to promote independence by letting the children make comments and judgements about their own reading. If the children can read at least 5 times a week at home or in school, they have the chance to get a book token from Mr. Pope—English co-ordinator and Year 5 teacher, from which they can choose a book from our Book Vending Machine.