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Wednesday 17th November 2021



After learning about bullying in class, can you create an anti bullying poster? This is a competition and the winning posters will be displayed in class. 



Continue to practise number facts to 10. This can be found in the maths section of Year 2 home page. 

We have been adding by making ten in class - this could be practised at home. 


e.g. 8 + 5 = 13


We partition the 5 into 2 and 3. We can then use this to make 10. 




Please make sure to read your home reading book every single day. Reading the same book will develop fluency. Please ensure you practise reading green and red words at the start of the book before reading. 




Fancy something extra?

Science: Can you research and find out who John Dunlop is and what he invented. Why was this significant? Can you create a fact file?

Ducks Anti-Bullying Posters