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House Teams



At Sacred Heart Primary School we have 4 house teams. The house teams are as follows.







The children earn house points during P.E, lunch times, break times and at any other point where they are being active. At the end of the week the house points get added together and we announce our weekly house winner. 


Meet our House Captains 

Our Roles 


"My role as a house captain is to make sure I show good leadership skills, good listening and being caring and supportive." - Calvin 


"I think as a house captain I need to be helpful, and understanding and help other children achieve the best they can achieve." - Forrestar


"I think I am a good captain because I have a kind personality and I can help people and show everyone the respect that they deserve." - Manreet 


"I think my job as a house captain would be to help out on sports day, tournaments and also help organise activities throughout lunchtime." - Martha