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Inspiration Day

Friday 8th September 2023


To kick start our topic and to make it as engaging as possible, we held an Inspiration Day where children came to school dressed up as Londoners from 1666! 

The children discussed how we find out about the past. As historians, we use books, the Internet, pictures/paintings, artefacts (real objects from the time) interviews or TV programmes to name a few.

We focussed on artists and they paintings they produced. We looked at what we could deduce from these such as the magnitude of the fire, how far it spread and what it looked like. 

We then used oil pastels to recreate our own background making sure to choose reds, yellows and oranges for the fire. We then placed a black silhouette of the buildings to place on top. 


We also learned that there were no fire engines or organised fire brigade back in 1666! This meant that the people of London had to help each other. They used leather buckets to fetch water from the river Thames to help put out the fire. We took part in a bucket challenge where we passed a bucket of water down the line making sure to work collaboratively. It was lots of fun!