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Inspiration Days and Learning

Year 6 

How did WW2 Change the world?


On our inspiration day, we went down to the hall and looked at the huge history time line. We found out that WW2 happened not too long after the Victorian era. We were able to learn about food rationing and had our own ration book. Also, we made lemonade and took part in a street party. Making gas masks was fun.

Year 2

Why do we remember the Great Fire of London?


For our Inspiration Day, we dressed up as people from London during The Great Fire. We baked bread and took part in a fire bucket challenge where we passed a bucket down a line in a race race to see who got there first. 

In the afternoon, we took part in a dance. We moved in the same way the flames danced across London in 1666. 

Year 2 Inspiration Day

Year 5

Why did the Vikings invade Britain?


In History and Geography lessons, we have been learning all about the Vikings. On our inspiration day, we enjoyed taking part in an archaeology dig to identify different artefacts. We especially enjoyed learning about the different formulations  of a Viking invasion. Also, we learned all about the olympics. 

Vikings Inspiration Day

Year 4

Year four were immersed into their History topic of the Ancient Greeks. They enjoyed dressing up and prepared a Greek salad. Also, they developed their knowledge of Ancient Greece from looking at artefacts and different sources of information.  

Year 6- What was it like to be a Victorian?

Year 6 were immersed into their Victorian topic. They travelled back in time and found themselves in a Victorian classroom where they practised the 3 R's (reading, writing and arithmetic.) They enjoyed making traditional Victorian toys, playing Victorian games and making scones- yum!