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Inspiration Days and Learning


Can you tell me a story?


We talked about where the characters live in stories. Some live in woods, some live in castles and some live in houses that are not very strong when the weather is bad. 

Year 1

Where do we live?

 For our inspiration day, we visited our local library. In our geography lessons, we have been learning how to read maps. Also, we practised listening to instructions to help us to turn left and right. These lessons helped us to get to the library safely. We enjoyed reading lots of books and meeting new characters. 

Year 1- Visit



We visited the zoo to see Santa and had some much fun with our friends. 

We told Santa what we wanted for Christmas.

We saw lots of animals.

The bird show was amazing!

Year 6 Inspiration Day


What is Japan like today?


Our year 6 children enjoyed their Japanese inspiration day. They took part in a karate lesson, made Sushi and learnt how to read and write Japanese numbers.