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Late/Absence Procedures

Late Attendance


We have all been faced with changes in the way we live lately due to COVID-19. As you are aware Sacred Heart have staggered the children’s arrival and dismissal times in school. It is very important to follow the set times that have been given to your child’s class to ensure the social distancing rules are adhered to, to keep everyone safe and not disrupt the children’s learning.  If you have more than one child in Sacred Heart, you are required to bring all children into school at the earliest arrival time and collect all children at the earliest collection time.


It is imperative that your child/ren arrive at their designated time. The school office is closed and children should not be using this entrance in and out of school unless it is an emergency due to COVID social distancing regulations.




We are aware that some appointments may not be avoidable however, when arranging appointments for your child we request these are made for when your child is not required to be in school as this can be very disruptive to their learning.


Medical Evidence


If your child attends an appointment or is unwell, medical evidence will be required to authorise the absence from school. If your child/ren are taking medication and are feeling well enough to attend school, we are able to administer the medication for them as long as it has been prescribed by the doctor and has a directions label with the child’s/rens name attached. Please contact the school office for more information if you require your child to take medication in school.


Thank you for your continued support at this difficult time and ensuring the safety of school community by following the social distancing guidelines that have been actioned by Sacred Heart.


Mrs Mullender