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Leavers 2020

Year 6 Leavers’ Celebration Itinerary


If your child is attending the celebration, you must ensure you have confirmed their place. Please contact school to do this if you have not done so already. Your child does not have to wear school uniform to attend this event. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing situation, parents are not able to attend this event to ensure that adequate social distancing can be maintained and to avoid a large gathering.


What Measures are Being Put in Place?

  • Children and staff will always maintain 1m+ distance
  • The event is planned to take place outside, however, we can use the hall, which has the capacity to maintain adequate distancing, if necessary
  • Children will enter a ‘bubble’ upon their arrival to school. They will not interact with other children/adults outside this bubble
  • Regular hand-sanitizing breaks will allow for children to wash hands at frequent intervals
  • Children will be permitted to use toilets but only one at time
  • Regular cleaning of toilets and facilities (including touch points) are taking place at frequent intervals already
  • We have allowed a 15-minute slot for collection and arrival to enable staggered drop off/collection
  • In the unlikely event first-aid is required, staff will use appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including face masks, shields and aprons


Start time and arrival – 10:15 - 10:30 am. Please use the one-way system to leave your child in the playground where they will be greeted by a member of staff. They will be registered on arrival and asked to sanitise their hands. Please use the one-way system to leave and adhere to social distancing measures in place.


End time and collection – 2:30 – 2:45pm. Please use the one-way system to collect your child from a member of staff. Your child will be ticked off the register to confirm they have been collected. If there is a change of person picking up your child, please call school to let us know. If your child normally walks home, please check this with school to confirm that this arrangement is in place. When leaving, please use the one-way system to leave and adhere to social distancing measures in place.




What Will Happen During the Day?

  • Children will arrive, be registered and wash their hands
  • There will be a picnic lunch for children which will be provided by school
  • Children will the opportunity to socialise with each other and their teachers whilst maintaining social distance
  • There will be an awards ceremony – each child will receive an individual award recognising their achievements during their time at school. They will be invited to collect a trophy, certificate and, providing they have arrived, their Leavers hoodie if they have ordered one
  • Children will watch a special video message from all the staff at Sacred Heart wishing them farewell and good luck for the future


If you have any further questions, please contact either Mr. Pope or Mrs. Everill using the emails provided in the original App message. Alternatively, you can contact the school office to pass a message on as you normally would.