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Our key text is

Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk by Rachael Mortimer and Liz Pichon.



As a school, we have taken on board Jane Considine's 'The Write Stuff'. This supports children in developing their vocabulary and writing. In nursery, we will take elements that are deemed age appropriate.

  • Children will become very familiar with the story as they get to know the plot and the characters. We will focus on plot points throughout the story to create a story map.
  • Key vocabulary will be selected from the story and added to our 'Goldilocks words' wall. These words will be used regularly and will become familiar to children to use in their own conversations. 
  • Children will also be given a meaningful moment where they will have real life experiences such as seeing a videoclip of real cows and eating real jelly beans to experience the taste. 
  • Other stories with a relating theme will also be shared: 


So far we have read the whole story. We have been talking about the character of Jack, and how he might feel when he has to sell his beloved cow.      Goldilocks word: Dismay    other words: unhappy, upset, sad, worried, angry