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Maths Autumn 1 & 2


In Year 4 during Autumn Term, we have been busy focusing on the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We have recently been learning and applying our times tables to bigger word problems. Our end of year target is to be confident in all of them up to the 12 times table.


After half term we will be moving on to apply our times tables further by looking at the area of a shape and calculating perimeters, as well as multiplication and division (multiples of 10, 100 and an array of times table focusses such as 3, 6, 9).


Maths Spring 1 & 2


We are continuing to focus on multiplication and division by using them in problem solving scenarios, multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit, 3 digit by 1 digit to make us more confident and aware of our times tables. For example, we have looked at short multiplication, partitioning skills and multiplying/diving larger numbers!

In Spring 2, children will be looking at finding the area of shapes, counting squares to find the area and making their own shapes to find the area. They have been using cubes and counters to help them.


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Below are some free and fun maths resources to help consolidate your learning. It is really important we continue practicing what we learn in school at home also. 


Times Tables Rockstars - A fun way to practice your times tables and one of our class favourites.


Hit the button - A fun interactive game to practice our times tables, number bonds, division facts and square numbers.


Oxford Owl - A website with resources to help with your learning further.


BBC Bitesize Maths - A website with resources to help with your learning.