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Week 3 

Week beginning: 24th January 2022

 This week we will begin our topic on Place Value to 20



How many different ways can you represent the numbers 11-20? 

(Use the image above to help you)




Can you represent the numbers 11-20 on a tens frame?



Numicon - Please have a look at how to represent numbers using Numicon. 

Play the Numicon loop game. 


Using tens and ones 

Please watch the video below and complete the tens and ones worksheet.

Place Value to 20

Matholia educational maths video on place value to 20.#matholia #singaporemath #numbersto20 #counting #placevaluehttps://matholia.comNew videos added daily! ...


Place value games


Spend some time playing these place value games.

Week beginning 17th January 

This week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes.

Monday- see what 3D shapes you can find in your home. make a list or take photos of the different 3D shapes you can spot. 


Tuesday- can you sort the 3D shapes?

Wednesday - match the shapes to their names.

Use these shapes to make a shape picture of a rocket.

Thursday- match and sort shapes.

Friday- can you continue the 2D shape patterns?

Week 1 - Number bonds 

This week your task is to practise your Number Bonds to 10 by completing a range of learning activities. 


Start by reminding yourself of the Number Bonds to 10 to by watching the video below.

Making Ten (Number Bonds to 10 Song) - Mr. Chris

A catchy, fun song to help children learn their number bonds to 10. It has a Numicon video so the children can see the numbers making the bonds.


Using a part-whole model, can you write all of the Number Bonds to 10. 

You can complete this task on a piece of paper. - You can draw your own part-whole model.


Can you write all of the Number Bonds to 10 as addition number sentences? 

You can complete this task on a piece of paper.

Eg.   1 + 9 = 10 

Remember to use commutative law.


Can you write an explanation of what commutative law is?


Can you write the related subtraction fact for the Number Bonds to 10? 

You can complete this task on a piece of paper.

E.g. 10 - 9 = 1 

Remember to use commutative law



Can you complete the word problems?

Use your Number Bonds knowledge to help you to complete the word problems. 


You could show your answer on a part- whole model, on an tens frame, as a number sentence or in a pictorial form.


You can complete this task on a piece of paper.


Can you write your own word problems for Number Bonds to 10?

You can complete this task on a piece of paper.


Sarah has a box of 10 eggs. She uses 4. 

How many has she got left?