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This half term we will be looking at number, how numbers are represented in different ways and repeating patterns. 


  • At the beginning of each session, a starter song will be sang in relation to the learning. An example of this is 'One, Two, Buckle my shoe'. 
  • Children will be exploring numbers 1 and 2- noticing 1 and 2 on a dice and 5 frame, counting 1 and 2 counters, showing 1 on their fingers and recognising the numeral 1 and 2. This will help children to develop fast recognition of number. 
  • We will also be exploring pattern. Children will be introduced to a row of red and green counters and then be introduced to a repeated pattern of red and green. 





So far we have started to explore number 1. We played a game to find 1 counter under the cup by moving the cups around, then children pointed to the cup that they thought had 1 counter. They then showed 1 on their fingers and some were able to notice 1 on a 5 frame. 



Useful links to support your child's learning in Spring 1. 


BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 1: One

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 1: Two