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Maths is taught everyday for one hour. We also have time to practice timestables and Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS). 


TTRockstars can be accessed here (please go on this at least three times per week): 


Our KIRF for this term is 'Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Equivalences'. Please practice these facts until you know them off by heart:


















The Term's KIRF (FDP Facts)

This term in Maths we are focussing on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. These are skill we will be learning over the coming weeks:

Ma6/2.3a    use common factors to simplify fractions; use common multiples to express fractions in the same denomination

Ma6/2.3b    compare and order fractions, including fractions less than 1

Ma6/2.3c    add and subtract fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers, using the concept of equivalent fractions

Ma6/2.3d    multiply simple pairs of proper fractions, writing the answer in its simplest form

Ma6/2.3e    divide proper fractions by whole numbers

Ma6/2.3f    associate a fraction with division and calculate decimal fraction equivalents for a simple fraction.

Ma6/2.3g    identify the value of each digit in numbers given to three decimal places and multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000 giving answers are up to three decimal places


Ma6/2.3h    multiply one-digit numbers with up to 2 decimal places by whole numbers


Ma6/2.3i    use written division methods in cases where the answer has up to 2 decimal places


Ma6/2.3j    solve problems which require answers to be rounded to specified degrees of accuracy


Ma6/2.3k    recall and use equivalences between simple fractions, decimals and percentages, including in different contexts.

Below you can find examples of outstanding Maths work: