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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week 7th - 11th October 2019

Mindfulness Monday

Mindfulness Monday 1 Year 4 spent time discussing what mindfulness is.
Mindfulness Monday 2 Massage Therapy activity
Mindfulness Monday 3 Year 1 taking part in our Mindfulness activity.

Talking Tuesday

Talking Tuesday 1 Year 4 explored the benefits of using playdoh
Talking Tuesday 2 and looked at how it helps with anxiety.

Walking Wednesday

Walking Wednesday 1 Children discussed the benefits of walking
Walking Wednesday 2 and the effects it can have on the body and mind.
Walking Wednesday 3 The children took part in a 20 minute walk
Walking Wednesday 4 around the playground with their friends.
Walking Wednesday 5 After the walk,they discussed how they felt before
Walking Wednesday 6 and if they felt any different afterwards.
Walking Wednesday 7 Even the teachers were enjoying it!

This is me Thursday!

Children had the opportunity to come into school in whatever clothing made them feel good about themselves. We had children in fancy dress, pyjamas, football kits and party clothes.

Fitness and Feel good Friday

Fitness and Feel good Friday 1 The children took part in a 30 minute yoga session
Fitness and Feel good Friday 2 and explored some of the different positions
Fitness and Feel good Friday 3 including the famous 'downward dog'.
Fitness and Feel good Friday 4 They discussed why yoga helps with Mental Health
Fitness and Feel good Friday 5 and why it is such a popular form of exercise.