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Phonics - Week Beginning 31st January 2022

Watch the videos and practise writing words with the sounds. Remember to use your Fred fingers when you are spelling. 










We have begun a new topic called multiplication and division.

Watch these videos to refresh your memory


Lesson 1: Making equal groups

Lesson 2: Repeated addition

Lesson 3: Making arrays


Maths Week beginning 10.1.22

Monday 10th Januarymake equal groups
Tuesday 11th Januaryadd equal groups
Wednesday 12th Januaryuse x symbol
Thursday 13th Januarymultiplication from pictures
Friday 14th Januaryusing arrays


Maths WB 17.1.22

17.1.22making doubles
18.1.22x2 table
19.1.22x5 table
20.1.22x10 table
21.1.22ttrockstars practise 


Science - The human life cycle 

Can you read through the power point and put the stages of a human's life in the correct order? 

Can you compare different stages by asking questions such as

"What can an adult do that a baby can't?" or "What can a teenager do that a child cannot?"


Challenge: We get faster as we get older. 
What ways can you test this? You will need to have somebody older to do this with. 

Time yourself doing different activities - who did them faster? Can you think why? 



This week we are discussing what we believe resilient means.

We are introduced to some characters from books that are sad sometime.

Use the sentence stems below to talk about what you might say to this sad character to a partner at home. 


When __________ is upset, he could find _______________

When __________ is upset, he could talk to ________________

When __________ is upset he might ______________ (what might they do?)

When __________ is upset he might say _______________

History - 

Use the internet to research the life of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

Create a factfile