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    Spring 1


    • To repeat, link and choose actions.
    • To create actions and accurately copy other's actions.
    • To copy, remember and repeat actions using facial expressions to show different characters.
    • To perform in unison creating shapes with a partner.
    • To be able to mirror a partner and create ideas.
    • To copy, repeat and create actions in response to a stimulus.
    • To copy, create and perform actions considering dynamics.
    • To create a short dance phrase with a partner showing clear changes of speed.


    • To understand how to run for longer periods of time without stopping.
    • To develop co-ordination and timing when jumping in a long rope. 
    • To develop individual skipping. 
    • To take part in a circuit to develop stamina and agility. 
    • To explore exercises that use your own body weight. 
    • To develop 'ABC', agility, balance and co-ordination. 

    Autumn 2

    Invasion Games

    • To understand what being in possession means and support a teammate to do this. 
    • To use a variety of skills to score goals. 
    • To develop stopping goals. 
    • To learn how to gain possession of the ball. 
    • To develop an understanding of marking an opponent. 
    • To learn to apply simple tactics for attacking and defending. 

    Net and Wall

    • To develop racket familiarisation. 
    • To develop placing an object. 
    • To use the ready position to defend space on court. 
    • To develop returning a ball with hands. 
    • To develop returning a ball using a racket. 
    • To move an opponent to win a point.