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For our indoor PE sessions, we are going to be practising different ball skills. In this unit, pupils will develop their fundamental ball skills such as throwing and catching, rolling, hitting a target, dribbling with both hands and feet and kicking a ball. Pupils will have the opportunity to work independently, in pairs and in small groups.


Here are the lesson objectives for each lesson:





In our outdoor PE sessions, we are going to be doing striking and fielding activities. In this unit, pupils develop their understanding of the principles of striking and fielding games. They develop the skills of throwing and catching, tracking and retrieving a ball and striking a ball. They begin to self-manage small-sided games. Pupils learn how to score points and play to the rules. Pupils will begin to think about how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition appropriate to the situation.


Here are the lesson objectives for each lesson, taken from Get Set 4 PE: