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Phase 4

What does Phase 4 look like?

In Phase 4, children continue to practice previously learned graphemes and phonemes and learn how to read and write:

CVCC words: tent, damp, toast, chimp

For example, in the word 'toast',

t = consonant, oa = vowel, s = consonant, t = consonant.

and CCVC words: swim, plum, sport, cream, spoon

For example, in the word 'cream',

c = consonant r = consonant ea = vowel, m = consonant.


Read Phase 4 tricky words:
said, have, like, so, do, some, come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what


In Phase 4, children will learn to spell the Phase 3 tricky words and continue to spell the Phase 2 tricky words.