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Physical development

Children are using their physical skills everyday by accessing the outdoor area daily, exploring the indoor learning environment and also during our focussed P.E sessions. 


P.E takes place every Friday. Children must come into nursery wearing the correct P.E kit. 

  • We will be continuing to develop moving in different direction, being careful not to bump into their friends. This will be done through playing fun games. 
  • Children will be able to stop safely and freeze still. 


Through literacy focus activities and independent learning time, children will, 

  • continue to develop fine motor skills through mark making using different media.
  • 'writing' some key vocabulary and eventually being able to form some recognisable letters. 


So far this term, we have been reminding ourselves of good hand washing and learnt a song about how to wash our hands correctly to wash away the germs. 


In P.E, we have been learning how to find a space so we are not touching our friends. We have also moved our bodies in a variety of ways and changed direction.