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Being the best me

This term, we are identifying how we can become effective learners through understanding our personal strengths and limitations.


We will identify our personal strengths and positive role models in our lives. We will recognise that trying our best is good enough. Also, we will explore the jobs within our community and be given the opportunity to take on the responsibility of jobs within the classroom.  



This term, we are exploring the idea of belonging. 

We will begin by discussing what it means to belong and how we can show we belong together. Then we will move on to looking at places we feel we belong to such as school, family, religions, clubs etc. To do this, we will identify people, places and things that make us feel happy and safe. 


We will explore scenarios where children are being unkind or bullied and identify ways we will help them. Finally, we will identify our hopes and dreams for belonging now and in the future. 

Belonging Work

Children's Mental Health Week

Marvellous Monday

Today we watched a virtual assembly by Oak National Academy which discussed the positive impact physical health can have on our Mental Health, and what different activities we can do which can promote positive Mental Health.

We then looked at ourselves and how we can express our identity.

Talking Tuesdays

Today we spoke about who we feel we can confide in when we have any worries or concerns and how we can help ourselves to feel happy again. 

We talked about how we need to 'Be Kind to our Mind' and created a poster on how we can do this. 

Wearing Inside Out Clothes Wednesday

Today we all wore our t-shirts and jumpers inside out, this was to show that how someone looks on the outside, doesn't necessarily reflect how they are feeling on the inside. The children were presented with a range of situations in regards to not coping well, as a class they discussed how they would have used self-regulation in these situations, and how this would change things. 


We drew feelings and emotions which we have felt before on the inside of our bodies. Then on the outside, we drew various self-regulating activities which we can do to help us to feel calm and relaxed. 

Thinking Thoughts Thursday

Today the children have looked at how negative thoughts can really have an impact on our Mental Health, and how our resilience and self-regulation can help turn these thoughts into positive ones.