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This unit explores the Very Important Persons (VIPs) in children’s lives and the ways in which they can develop positive relationships with them. It enables children to identify who the special people in their life are and what makes someone a special person. Children are also encouraged to explore why families and friendships are important and to understand that although these units are different for everyone, there are things they can do to resolve differences and build healthy and positive relationships within them. This unit also teaches children the importance of cooperation and how to show the special people in their lives that they care, as well as the positive impact of doing this. 


Pupils will be taught to: 

  • how to be a good friend, e.g. kindness, listening, honesty

  •  about different ways that people meet and make friends

  •  Strategies for positive play with friends, e.g. joining in, including others, etc.

  •  about what causes arguments between friends

  •  how to positively resolve arguments between friends

 how to recognise, and ask for help, when they are feeling lonely or unhappy or to help someone else


Home Learning

Being a Good Friend: The children are asked to identify and draw a picture of a time they have been a good friend to someone at playtime, lunchtime and in the classroom. They are also asked to write a description of what they think makes someone a good friend.


Showing I Care: The children are asked to identify ways in which they can show the special people in their families that they care about them and then record when they complete this