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PSHE and Wellbeing

PSHE and Wellbeing

Autumn Term

In PSHE this term, we will be learning about Physical and Mental Wellbeing. We will be exploring:

  • how mental and physical health are linked
  •  how positive friendships and being involved in activities such as clubs and community groups support wellbeing
  •  how to make choices that support a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  •  that habits can be healthy or unhealthy; strategies to help change or break an unhealthy habit or take up a new healthy one
  •  how to recognise early signs of physical or mental ill-health and what to do about this, including whom to speak to in and outside school
  •  that health problems, including mental health problems, can build up if they are not recognised, managed, or if help is not sought early on
  •  that anyone can experience mental ill-health and to discuss concerns with a trusted adult


Spring Term:

We will be learning about Our Wider World, The Media and Digital Resilience. We will looking at:

  • how the media, including online experiences, can affect people’s wellbeing – their thoughts, feelings and actions
  •  that not everything should be shared online or social media and that there are rules about this, including the distribution of images • that mixed messages in the media exist (including about health, the news and different groups of people) and that these can influence opinions and decisions
  • how text and images can be manipulated or invented; strategies to recognise this 
  • to evaluate how reliable different types of online content and media are, e.g. videos, blogs, news, reviews, adverts
  •  to recognise unsafe or suspicious content online and what to do about it
  • how information is ranked, selected, targeted to meet the interests of individuals and groups, and can be used to influence them 
  • how to make decisions about the content they view online or in the media and know if it is appropriate for their age range
  •  how to respond to and if necessary, report information viewed online which is upsetting, frightening or untrue 
  • to recognise the risks involved in gambling related activities, what might influence somebody to gamble and the impact it might have


Have a look at our school's wellbeing page for tips on how to keep your mind happy and healthy: