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Spring Term

This term's focus is:

Beginning to learn about Sikh people: symbols, stories and sharing


About this unit:

This unit enables pupils to begin to learn about the Sikhs. It is appropriate in different ways both for schools where many Sikh pupils learn, and for those where there are few or no pupils from Sikh families. The population of Sandwell and the region includes tens of thousands of Sikh people, and it is important for pupils to begin to understand the faiths around them. Using stories, symbols and the special manner in which Sikhs emphasise equality and shared life, the unit enables children to make progress in learning about Sikhism and to build some learning from Sikhism on the gathering of information. They will acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Sikh beliefs, experiences and practices, as well as reflecting on their own beliefs, values, perceptions and experiences in the light of their learning. The unit sets the foundations for developing positive attitudes of respect towards Sikhs and to other people who hold views and beliefs that are different from their own.



Autumn Term

What is the ‘good news’ Christians say that Jesus brings?


Make sense of belief:

-I can tell stories from the Bible and recognise a link with the concept of ‘Gospel’ or good news.

-I can give clear, simple accounts of what Bible texts (such as the story of Matthew the tax collector) mean to Christians.

-I can recognise that Jesus instructs people about how to behave.


Understand the impact:

-I can give at least two examples of ways in which Christians follow the teachings studied about forgiveness and peace, and bringing good news to the friendless.

-I can give at least two examples of how Christians put these beliefs into practice in the Church community and their own lives (for example: charity, confession).


Make connections:

-I can think, talk and ask questions about whether Jesus’ ‘good news’ is only good news for Christians, or if there are things for anyone to learn about how to live, giving a good reason for my ideas