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This ‘Uses of Everyday Materials’ unit will teach your class about the uses of everyday materials including wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick, paper and cardboard. Children then go on to compare the suitability of different everyday materials for different purposes. They explore how objects made of some everyday materials can change shape and how the recycling process is able to reuse some everyday materials numerous times. It finishes with children learning about new discoveries which have made over time with a specific focus on John McAdam.


Pupils will be taught to:

Identify and name everyday materials.

• Identify different uses of everyday materials.

• Record their observations.

• Demonstrate and explain how shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed.

• Explain what recycling means.


Home Learning


Research Fact File: In this task, children will use books and the internet to research the life and work of either John Dunlop or Charles Macintosh. They are asked to find out particular facts about either man and present their learning on a simple fact file.


Record of Recycling: In this task, children will keep a record of any items they recycle in a week. They will record each different item, the total number of the same item and the way in which they recycle it.