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Storytelling Week 2021

Storytelling Week 2021

We celebrated all things story telling between 1st - 5th February 2021. We did this remotely, at the end of each day, during our story time. 


These are the activities that we took part in:



Monday – What Are Stories?

We had a discussion about what stories are, where they come from and why they are important. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with:


Tuesday – Name That Story!


Some stories are really famous - so famous that most people know them and many have been turned into famous films or spin offs. 


We played a game where we had to listen to a description of the plot of the story and then guess what it was. You can play this game using the Powerpoint below:


Wednesday – Short Stories


At the end of each day we always read with our teachers. Sometimes we read short stories and other days we might parts of a longer story (especially in KS2). 


Here are some famous short stories you could have a go at reading at home:

Thursday- Create a Story Game!


On Thursday we played another storytelling game. Our teacher gave us the first part of a story and then we added each part, line-by-line to see what we came up with. 


Some stories were really traditional as we used our imagination to describe settings. Some of them were a bit wacky and didn't make much sense - we still had lots of fun though!

Some of us submitted photographs of our book collections:
Nursery also joined in...