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Understanding the world

Children will be learning about different religions and cultures. We are all special and unique in our own way.  Chinese New Year will be celebrated as we learn about the traditions and the year of the rabbit.


Through our text of Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk, we will be exploring how plants grow and will be having a go at growing our own plants. 


So far, we have celebrated World Religion Day. We drew a picture of our friend and talked about what makes them special. 


Children's interests! 

It snowed! Children were so excited to go and explore. We built a snowman and explored the snow 'It's freezing!' 'It's like candy!' 

This sparked further interest in the season 'Winter'. We talked about what happens in Winter and how ice is made. We will be experimenting with ice to see how it melts and what it turns into. 

    'I can see 2!'  'I can see circles' as we observed the patterns on the footprint. 


                    We made a Snowman. 'We need to make a ball, one for his head and one for his body'.