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Writing Curriculum Page


Welcome to the Writing Curriculum page. Here you will find lots of information detailing how we teach Writing across our school.

Writing for A Purpose

Across our school we use 'The 4 Purposes' to help our children understand that each piece of writing they produce is for a specific purpose and audience. Here are the purposes that we write for and the genres that we cover:


Across our school we have adopted the 'Continuous Cursive' handwriting style. From Key Stage 1, children are taught to add entry and exit strokes to their letters. Towards the end of Year 2, children are taught to join these strokes, thus adding the appropriate horizontal and diagonal joins. Throughout Key Stage 2, children are still taught handwriting and are encouraged to focus on maintaining legibility and joins whilst writing at speed. When children have been judged to make sufficient progress in handwriting, they will be awarded with a 'Progress to Pen' licence and will be able to use a Mechanical Pencil in their writing. If children show continued diligence in their writing, they will be awarded with a Pen licence and will be to use a handwriting pen in their work.


Below you will find the handwriting script we use across school:


Spelling is taught in all year groups across the school. In Key Stage 1 and EYFS, spelling is mostly taught through Phonics though there are some spelling rules that are taught outside of this. Once children reach Key Stage 2, spelling is taught through short sessions focusing on different spelling rules. Below you will find the documents that we use to help us structure how spellings is taught across the school.