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Year 3 & 4

In Year 3 & 4 we researched how electricity is supplied to our homes and towns via The National Grid. We looked at how rural areas do not receive this electricity- they rely on wind power.


We designed a wind turbine that could be used in rural areas to help supply them with electricity. Our design must be able to spin with the force of a hair dryer, and generate enough power to lift a cup of coins from the floor. We had to consider a range of variables that may affect the power our turbines would produce; size, shape, thickness and number of blades.


After designing our wind turbine, we used a range of materials and joining techniques to make it. We attached a cup of pennies to the shaft with string, and we used the power of a hairdryer to spin the blades to see if our design would lift the cup.


We evaluated our models and considered how these would be made on a full scale model to supply electricity to rural areas.