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Art and Design


This half term we are going to be studying the artist William Morris. William Morris was a British textile designer. He was also an architect, writer, poet and translator. He had a great impact on the design of churches, houses and furniture in the late 19th and early 20th century. He is most famous for designs such as Strawberry Thief and Woodpecker Tapestry. William Morris closely observed nature to influence his patterns. 



As artists we will:

- Respond to simple ideas to start my work.
- Explore ideas and pictures.
- Try some different methods and materials.
- Begin to use repeating or overlapping shapes. 
- Begin to mimic print from the environment (e.g. wallpapers). 
- Begin to use objects to create prints (e.g. fruit or sponges)
- Begin to press, roll, rub and stamp to make prints.  

We analysed the work of William Morris

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