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Pupil Voice



Saffiyah: “We have been learning about Stephen Whiltshire”

Elijah: “We did cross-hatching, shading and lines”

Saffiyah: “When we do Art, we feel happy. It’s fun and we like to learn”



Zakariya: “We learn about art and artists. It’s for if we want to be an artist when we grow up”

Maliah: “Art makes me feel happy and calm…we keep on practising to get better”



Nayir: “We have been drawing the lines on our  hands”

Timi: “It feels good to learn more things”



Daniel: “We have been drawing the details on our hands. We used different types of lines- dashed lines and scalloped lines”

Kaida: “If we get stuck, we have to be resilient and keep trying. We use courage and be brave”

Daniel: “Art lessons make us calm, like mindfulness and it’s good for our mental health”



Alisha: “We have been learning about the Artist Eva Nicholls. We’ve done painting with watercolours and looked at the techniques she used.”

Remane: “We did Stonehenge paintings using textures, blended colours, dripping and dabbing techniques”


Cherry Blossom

Destiny: “I enjoy Art, it helps me to learn more. When I see what we are going to learn in Art I feel so excited”

Sultan: “Looking at Artists work inspires people to do art and to be artists- like Van Gough”



Harman: “We have been looking at Vikings, and we have been sketching using shading to make our drawings more realistic.”

Zahra: “We used sketching pencils to practise shading- the thickest pencil was 6B and it was the darkest, but the thinnest pencil was 2B and it was the lightest”



Martha: “We have been learning about William Morris- he created wallpaper using plants, bird and organic things. He used bright and colourful patterns against a monotone background. “

Zakariya: “We did some printing after we looked at William Morris’. We practised by doing some tracing then we made a drawing- we had to dig deep to engrave it. We added detail and it made marks with nice patterns. “